By Celeste Raspanti

February 8-17, 2019

At the height of Hitler’s campaign to rid the world of Jews, children of the condemned arrive in Terezin, where they are assigned to a teacher, Raja, who watches over them until they are separated and sent to concentration camps. Raja survives to tell their story, a story that celebrates the human spirit and ability to uplift oneself, a story about children who bring light to the dark and love to a place surrounded by hate. (Drama)

Directed by Judy Dove


Amanda Smith as Raja Englanderova
Bill Segreve as Father
Gayle Snyder as Mother
Louise Farmer as Vera
Micah Jones as Pavel
Talia Barbieri as Erika
Bonnie Webster as Irena Synkova
Catherine Pope as Renka
Brooke Willse as Irca
Liam Barbieri as Honza
Bill Segreve as Rabbi

Paige Brady
Adam Kotynski
Livia Loverso
Ellie Manfreda
Marina Segreve
Kylee Squires

Production Crew

Judy Dove, Director
Craig Johnson, Stage Manager
Alyssa Petrone, Lighting Designer
John Maruca, Sound Designer
Ketti Shum, Wake County Visiting Guest Artist Costume Designer
Gayle Jordan, Associate Costumer
Craig Johnson, Music Consultant
Bob Baird, Producer

David Leone, Photographer