The Curious Savage

By John Patrick


June 16-25, 2017

Greedy children institutionalize their mother in an attempt to get their hands on the family fortune, but Mrs. Savage enjoys the last laugh in this warm comedy about patients in a sanatorium who are saner than the outside world.


The Staff:  
Dr. Emmett Abby Jordan
Miss Willie
Shana Fisher
The Guests:  
Florence Ashley Jones
Hannibal Joey Desena
Fairy May Kylee Silvas
Jeffrey Danny Mullins
Mrs. Paddy
Lisa Binion
The Family:  
Mrs. Savage Louise Farmer
Titus Randy Jordan
Lily Belle Kathleen Jacob
Samuel Tom Barbieri


Production Team

Mike McGee, Director
Mary Paige Hopkins, Assistant Director/Rehearsal Stage Manager
Gayle Jordan, Costume Designer
Melissa Damann, Running Stage Manager
David Bissette, Set Consultant
Tom Arman, Sound Designer
David Petrone, Lighting Consultant
Bob Baird, Producer