By Shelagh Stephenson

November 9-18, 2018

The death of their mother reunites sisters in England who at first could seem no more different from one another. Conflicting memories of the same events from their past highlight what separates them. On the eve of the funeral, in the bedroom haunted by their mother’s ghost, confrontations amidst the laughter stir the waters and bring secrets to the surface. (Dramatic Comedy)

Directed by Bob Baird


Tom Barbieri as Mike
Joey DeSena as Frank
Kirsten Ehlert as Mary
Jean Jamison as Vi
Ashley Jones as Teresa
Emily Yates as Catherine

Production Crew

Bob Baird, Director
Pam McClure, Rehearsal Stage Manager
Gayle Jordan, Costume Designer
Tom Arman, Sound Designer
Alyssa Petrone, Lighting Designer
Rita Styron, Running Stage Manager

David Leone, Photographer