Adapted by Peter DeLaurier

from the novel by
Lucy Maud Montgomery

 March 10-19, 2017

A mix-up at the orphanage forever changes the life of a couple who were expecting a boy to help on the farm, and the eleven-year-old girl who comes to live with them instead.

Directed by Tony Pender


Elly Boldizar as Young Anne Shirley
Tracy Weekman as Marilla Cuthbert
Wayne Burtoft as Matthew Cuthbert
Louise Farmer as Mrs. Lynde
Gayle Snyder as Mrs. Barry
Risa Wolfzahn as Mrs. Spencer
Ellie Manfreda as Young Dianna Barry
James Stewart as Young Gilbert Blythe
Sophia Fuller as Young Josie Pye
Coco Damann-Meldau as Young Jane Andrews
Paige Brady as Young Ruby Gillis
Anna Irvin as Young Moody McPherson
Christina Nash as Miss Stacy
Abby Jordan as Adult Anne Shirley
Abigail Patrick as Adult Diana Barry
Michael Southern as Adult Gilbert Blythe
Jacqueline Kelly as Adult Josie Pye
Tammie Piacenti as Adult Jane Andrews
Sophia Frank as Adult Ruby Gillis
Wesley Silva as Adult Moody McPherson


Tony Pender, Director
Rita Styron, Stage Manager
David Bissette, Set Designer

David Leone, Photographer