By Joseph Kesselring

September 16-25, 2016

This is the classic comedy about a pair of elderly ladies who fill the basement of their boarding house with the remains of socially and religiously “acceptable” residents.

Directed by Jason Tyne-Zimmerman


Wayne Burtoft as Teddy
Abbey Collins as O’Hara
Rose Davis as Elaine
Russel Gentry as Mortimer
Houston Horn as Gibbs/Harper/Witherspoon
Rebecca Jones  as Einstein
Douglas Kapp as Brophy
Judy McCord as Abby
Sharon Pait as Martha
Betsy Richards as Klein
Bill Segreve as Rooney
Michael Southern as Jonathan


Jason Tyne-Zimmerman, Director
Mary Galecki, Stage Manager
Brittany Dingle, Assistant Director
Dave Bissette, Set Designer
Erika Stoll, Lighting Designer
Tony Womak, Construction Chief
David Leone, Photographer