Forest Moon Theater is pleased to offer a workshop conducted by Heather Snow Clark, an accomplished actor/director/instructor and the theater’s Education Director.

This workshop offers persons ages 8-15 the opportunity to polish their monologues so they can really shine during auditions. Participants need to come prepared with a one minute monologue already memorized. Each participant will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Heather Snow Clark on the preparation and performance of their monologue. Additionally, participants will work on perfecting cold reading technique with scripts, with an emphasis placed on developing spontaneity, improving concentration, and listening skills.

  • Tuesday, July 8; 6 – 8 pm
  • Workshop Fee: $50.00
  • Instructor: Heather Snow Clark (Forest Moon Theater)

This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for future auditions at Forest Moon Theater and elsewhere. In particular, we are holding auditions on July 16-17 for our upcoming production of Helium (more information here). Helium has roles for three younger male actors ages 9-17.

We’ll be conducting the workshop at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, which operates under Parks and Recreation. To register for the workshop, follow this link to the Wake Forest Parks and Recreation website, where you will first need to register for the site and then select the class.