Board of Directors

Forest Moon Theater is a nonprofit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors and staff.  Board members are expected to play a role in setting the strategic direction of the organization and providing oversight and necessary guidance to help Forest Moon Theater fulfill its mission.  In addition, board members play an active role in implementing the strategic plan and in the operation of the theater.  An active board is essential to the theater’s stability, success, and growth.

Since board members’ terms expire periodically, we are always looking for new people to help our organization grow and have a strong presence in the community.

To serve on the board, you must

  • Be a resident of Wake Forest or surrounding communities, including Raleigh. Members serve a two-year term and may be re-elected.
  • Attend at least 80% of the board meetings. Full board meetings are typically held once every other month, or as often as needed.
  • Contribute your time and talent, including actively participating in Forest Moon Theater productions, projects, or other events.

If you are interested in serving on the Forest Moon Theater Board of Directors, please download and complete the Application for Board of Directors, which is a pdf form that you can submit by email (as an attachment) or print and submit by regular mail.

Current Board Members

Dan Bain, Member at Large
Tom Barbieri, Treasurer
Bonnie Durgin, Member at Large
Erin Irvin, Member at Large
Craig Johnson, Member at Large
Gayle Jordan, President
Mike McGee, Member at Large
Alicia Whitfield, Member at Large