By Neal Simon

September 15-24, 2017

If the walls in room 203 of the Beverly Hills Hotel could talk, these are four comic stories they would tell of couples who crossed the threshold. Confrontations over custody, sexual orientation, infidelity, and disastrous vacations are all material for Simon’s incisive humor. Wrap up your summer with this trip to comedy in California.

Directed by Lisa Binion


Visitors from New York 
Sarah Richardson as Hannah
Mike McGee as Billy

Visitors from Philadelphia
Danny Mullins as Marvin
Karen Marchuska as Bunny
Ashley Jones as Millie
Visitors from London
Lisa Binion as Diana
Tom Barbieri as Sydney
Visitors from Philadelphia
Bill Segreve as Mort
Dara Warner as Beth
Lisa Merritt as Gert
Steve Migdon as Stu


Lisa Binion, Director
Mary Galecki, Stage Manager
Todd Houseknecht, Technical Director
Gayle Jordan, Costume Designer
Karen Marchuska, Assistant Stage Manager/Props Manager
Jamie Dey, Assistant Stage Manager
Tom Arman, Sound Designer

David Leone, Photographer