We want to thank all the talented people who auditioned for us earlier this week! We hope to see you all again at auditions for other shows this season.

From the Director, Randy Jordan
Thank you to everyone that came and read for  parts in Crimes of the Heart.  What a pleasure to have so much good talent to consider. I hope that those that were not cast or called back will audition again for other shows at Forest Moon.  You all have the talent to do good work in the art.

After some great consideration the following roles have been cast:

Andrew Metz as Barnette
Mandy Sparks as Chick

The above named actors do not need to come to callbacks. The complete cast will be posted this coming weekend before Monday’s read-through, where we will see you again.

The following actresses have been called back to read for the roles listed. Callbacks will be held from 6:30pm-8pm Friday, August 3, in the Renaissance Centre Annex (located next door to the Grand Hall):

Sarah Richardson, Lenny and Meg
Abigail Jordan, Lenny and Babe
Yvette Townsley, Meg and Babe
Victoria Blake, Meg and Babe
Laura Langston, Babe
Stephanie Turner, Babe