By Beth Henley

September 20-23*, 2018

Three sisters in a small Mississippi town await news from the hospital where their grandfather lives out his last hours. Each woman has experienced failure of a different kind, each hurt, yet each finds her own path to a promising new beginning.  Along the way, the laughs and humor highlight the beauty in being human as the women take control of their future. (Dramatic Comedy)

Directed by Randy Jordan

*Opening weekend performances canceled because of hurricane.


Russell Grant as Doc Porter
Abigail Jordan as Lenny Magrath
Andy Metz as Barnette Lloyd
Sarah Richardson as Meg Magrath
Mandy Sparks as Chick Boyle
Yvette Townsley as Babe Botrelle

Production Crew

Randy Jordan, Director
Jamie Dey, Stage Mangager
Gayle Jordan, Costume Designer
David Bissette, Set Designer
Tom Arman, Sound Designer
Alyssa Petrone, Lighting Designer
Bob Baird, Producer

David Leone, Photographer