by Chris Grabenstein

March 21-29 2014

Don’t miss Forest Moon Theater’s first Youth Theater production–for all the young at heart. It’s the story of two displaced children living with their aunt, and a stray cat named Curiosity, whose own effort at helping other stray cats find somewhere to live eventually leads her and the children to a place they can all call home together. If you enjoy Disney movies, you’ll love this laugh-filled comedy from the award-winning Young Adult author and playwright Chris Grabenstein.

Directed by Heather Snow Daurity


Olivia Absher as Stray Cat
Olivia Barrows as Stray Cat
Jasmine Brewer as Stray Cat
Nick Brown as Stray Cat
Daniel Brown as Skeevelberger
Drew Cady as Charlie
Gianni Cinelli as Sargent Schultz
Kasey Clift as Tubbs/Leo
Abigail Cornell as Stray Cat
Melissa Damann as Ginny/Mrs. Podger
Julian Damann-Meldau as Stray Cat
Brian Davis as Slicker
Rose Davis as Coot Cat
Julianna Ehm as Fred
Hannah Elder as Duke
Chiara Gibboney as Stray Cat
Mia Gibboney as Claire
Amelia Guthrie as Curiosity Cat
Violet Guthrie as Stray Cat
Rachel Hebert as Penelope Podger
Evie Huntley as Stray Cat
Ava Jones as Stray Cat
Riley O’Brien as Stray Cat
Abby Rhoades as Stray Cat
Bill Segreve as Father
Marina Segreve as Squirrel


Heather Snow Daurity, Director
Beth Martin, Stage Manager
Pam McClure, Assistant Stage Manager
Heather Dahlberg, Costume Designer
Abbey Collins, Lighting and Sound Designer
Bob Baird, Set Designer

David Leone, Photographer