by Steph DeFerie

May 8-16, 2015

If you think you know the story of Hansel and Gretel, then think again. The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel and Gretel reveals the shocking account of what might have happened when these two young people are abandoned in the woods by their father and stepmother. Accused by two policemen of having committed crimes against various storybook characters who inhabit the forest, Hansel and Gretel deny any wrongdoing and seek the aid of the fairy godmother, Streptococcus. Will they succeed in convincing  Streptococcus of their innocence, or will they go to jail? Don’t miss seeing this comical retelling of a classic story, and find out for yourself whether everyone lives happily ever after.

Directed by Marcy Keim


Celia Boldizar as Mother Bear
Elly Boldizar as Lilah
Jasmine Brewer as Fargo
Nick Brown as Father Bear
Eliana Busch-Hebert as Streptococcus understudy / Ensemble
Kasey Clift as Marta understudy / Ensemble
Julian Damann-Meldau as Prince Charming understudy / Ensemble
William DiPillo as Jack
Hannah Elder as Baby Bear
Madison Geigle as Brunhilda understudy / Ensemble
Brianna Grady as Snow White understudy / Ensemble
Logan Harrison as Magic Mirror/The Big Bad Wolf
Harper Hunt as Gretel
Alys Jones as Flitsy
Megan Keim as Brunhilda
Luke Lair as Wilhelm
Jamie McGinn as Amanita understudy / Stage crew
April Moore as Wilhelm understudy / Ensemble
Cheyenne Murphy as Snow White
Kensington Norfleet as Little Red Riding Hood
Claire Olinger as Flopsy
Micajah Owens as Amanita
Ryan Paynter as Inspector Wombat
Gemma Quilici as Blossom / Gretel understudy / Ensemble
Abby Rhoades as Goldilocks
Sydney Rowlette as Marta
Addison Selna as Hansel
Kelsey Selna as Prince Charming
Gabrielle Vizcaino as Streptococcus
Abbey Wendell as Sergeant Ringworm


Marcy Keim, Director
Mike Selna, Co-Director
Marisa Markoch, Stage Manager
David Leone, Photographer