by Julian Wiles

September 19-27, 2014

Mrs. Kingsley–more fondly known as Gramms to her family–is a retired high school chemistry teacher battling the onset of dementia. With an overly protective daughter and two young grandsons, Gramms struggles to retain her grasp on time and place while taking perverse pleasure in teasing her daughter into thinking that her mother has lost all control. Like the family, the audience can’t always tell when Gramms is pretending, and the resulting humor helps soften the pain. Helium is an uplifting, emotional and funny play that will remain in your thoughts long after the curtain closes.

Directed by Bob Baird



Gilly Conklin as Mrs. Kingsley
Lisa Binion as Ruth
Addison Selna as Josh
Josh Kellum as Ethan
Marjorie Morgan as Alice
Angeline Bryant as Jonnie


Bob Baird, Director
Betsy Richards, Stage Manager
Rose Davis, Assistant Director/Stage Manager
David Leone, Photographer