Steel Magnolias

By Robert Harling

Directed by Mia Peters

September 20-29, 2019

This heartwarming comedy-drama is about the bond a group of women shares in a small-town Southern Louisiana community, and how they cope with the death of one of their own. As time passes, the women encounter tragedy and good fortune, their friendships are strained, but in the end, they find themselves growing stronger and closer in the process.

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This project was supported by a grant from the Manbites Dog Theater Fund.

Prelude to a Kiss

By Craig Lucas

Directed by Bob Baird

February 14-23, 2020

When Peter, a man from a broken family, meets Rita, an insomniac bartender with no faith in the future, only one thing can happen: they fall in love and get married. Then, on the evening of their nuptials, an elderly stranger appears at the reception, bearing a kiss for the new bride. In this romantic fantasy, it is a kiss that tests the boundaries of the couple’s love.

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Lobby Hero

By Kenneth Lonergan

Directed by Mike McGee

September 11-13, 2020

The lobby of a Manhattan apartment building is the backdrop for a local murder investigation in this engaging dramatic comedy about a young security guard facing multiple moral dilemmas while trying to get his life back on track. At the same time, both his boss and his love interest wrestle with ethical issues of their own. Matters of love and loyalty collide with racial bias and sexism in the workplace, polarizing issues with laugh-out-loud moments to remind us how ridiculous and human we are.

Show Canceled Due to COVID Pandemic