Past Seasons


The Curious Savage

By John Patrick


June 16-25, 2017

Greedy children institutionalize their mother in an attempt to get their hands on the family fortune, but Mrs. Savage enjoys the last laugh in this warm comedy about patients in a sanatorium who are saner than the outside world.

Anne of
Green Gables

Adapted by Peter DeLaurier

from the novel by
Lucy Maud Montgomery


March 10-19, 2017

A mix-up at the orphanage forever changes the life of a couple who were expecting a boy to help on the farm, and the eleven-year-old girl who comes to live with them instead.



Agnes of God


By John Pielmeier


February 10-26, 2017


Renaissance Centre Performances
February 10, 11, 18  at 7:30pm
February 12, 19 at 3pm

Sonorous Road Theatre Performances

February 23, 24, 25 at 8pm
February 26 at 3pm

When a newborn child is found dead in a convent, a court psychiatrist must determine whether the nun accused of the crime is mentally fit to stand trial, with the question of the father’s identity hanging in the balance.

Forest Moon Theater is pleased to bring this Tony Award-winning play to the Renaissance Centre in Wake Forest and to the Sonorous Road stage in Raleigh! Featuring an all-female cast of three, Agnes of God is a gripping drama wrapped in a mystery and conflict that is as entertaining a story as it is an intense glimpse of the gray areas between faith and fact, between religion and science.

Parental Guidance Recommended
(contains mature subject matter and some strong language)



Old Lace

By Joseph Kesselring

September 16-25, 2016

This is the classic comedy about a pair of elderly ladies who fill the basement of their boarding house with the remains of socially and religiously “acceptable” residents.


Shakespeare in Hollywood

By Ken Ludwig

June 10-19, 2016

It’s 1934, and the famous Max Reinhardt is filming Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When two of the bard’s most famous fairies, Oberon and Puck, appear by magic on the Warner Brothers Hollywood set, the result is a hilarious combination of potent flowers, blonde bombshells, movie moguls and arrogant “asses” embroiled in multiple love triangles. Winner of the Helen Hayes Award for Best New Play in 2004, Ken Ludwig’s take on Shakespeare’s well-known comedy is a fun-filled romp that sparkles with wit and charm.


The Hundred Dresses

Musical by Ralph Covert
and G. Riley Mills
Based on the Newbery Honor book
by Eleanor Estes
March 3-13, 2016

Bullying, friendship and forgiveness are the theme for this season’s Youth Theater production. It’s a musical based on a 1945 Newbery Honor book by Eleanor Estes. Humor, colorful characters, and memorable songs combine to create a timeless story.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

by Barbara Robinson

December 11-13, 2015

It’s time for the annual church Christmas pageant, but this year the couple in charge must cast the horrible Herdman kids, some of the most awful children in town. The results provide plenty of pepto-bismol moments—and fun—when the Herdman herd brings new meaning to the Christmas spirit. This family comedy is based on the only story to ever run twice in McCall’s Magazine.



by Ira Levin

September 18-26, 2015



A successful writer of Broadway thrillers, whose recent plays have flopped and left him short on cash, will stop at nothing—including murder—to improve his fortunes. An abundance of twists, surprises and laughter await you in this classic thriller by Ira Levin. Cue Magazine describes it as being “Two-thirds a thriller and one-third a devilishly clever comedy…. Suspend your disbelief and be delighted. Scream a little. It’s good for you.”

Parental Guidance Advised (minimal adult language and content)

The (Almost) Totally
True Story of Hansel and Gretel

by Steph DeFerie

May 8-16, 2015

If you think you know the story of Hansel and Gretel, then think again. The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel and Gretel reveals the shocking account of what might have happened when these two young people are abandoned in the woods by their father and stepmother. Accused by two policemen of having committed crimes against various storybook characters who inhabit the forest, Hansel and Gretel deny any wrongdoing and seek the aid of the fairy godmother, Streptococcus. Will they succeed in convincing  Streptococcus of their innocence, or will they go to jail? Don’t miss seeing this comical retelling of a classic story, and find out for yourself whether everyone lives happily ever after.


by Julian Wiles

September 19-27 2014


“But it was too late. The balloon had already slipped through my fingers…. I cried and cried… I didn’t cry because my balloon floated away. I cried because I couldn’t go along.”

Filled with laughter and tears, Helium follows Gramms and her family as they watch her slip in and out of reality.

Forest Moon Theater is excited to debut a play never before performed in the Triangle area. Written by Julian Wiles, founder and Artistic Director of the Charleston Stage in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s a story drawn from his own experience with an aging family member afflicted with dementia.

Curiosity CatCuriosity Cat

by Chris Grabenstein

March 21-29 2014

Don’t miss Forest Moon Theater’s first Youth Theater production–for all the young at heart. It’s the story of two displaced children living with their aunt, and a stray cat named Curiosity, whose own effort at helping other stray cats find somewhere to live eventually leads her and the children to a place they can all call home together. If you enjoy Disney movies, you’ll love this laugh-filled comedy from the award-winning Young Adult author and playwright Chris Grabenstein.



by Mary Chase

October 4-12 2013

Oftentimes children have imaginary friends—nothing unusual about that. What, though, if the companion is a six-and-a-half-foot rabbit and the child is actually an eccentric adult male named Elwood? Something a little “funny,” wouldn’t you agree? Well, funny is what you get when you see our production of Harvey! Be sure to bring your friends (wink wink), but remember: everyone needs a ticket to see the show, even if you are invisible.


Academia Nuts

Academia Nuts

by Gregg Kreutz

March 21-24 2013

What happens when a spirited woman, who’s down on her luck, meets a scholarly professor of poetry, who’s living in the historic home of a dead poet? Combine that with a case of mistaken identities, romance, and an academic treasure hunt, and you have a very nutty situation comedy. Academia Nuts will give you a week’s worth of good laughs, proving once again that you never know what’s going to walk in your front door.

Note:  Contains mild adult themes that might not be appropriate for children under age 13.