By Robert Harling

September 20-29, 2019

This heartwarming comedy-drama is about the bond a group of women shares in a small-town Southern Louisiana community, and how they cope with the death of one of their own. As time passes, the women encounter tragedy and good fortune and their friendships are strained; but in the end, they find themselves growing stronger and closer in the process. (Dramatic Comedy)

Directed by Mia Peters


Kelly Stansell as Truvy
Liz Webb as Annelle
Alicia Whitfield as Clairee
Tori Shue as Shelby
Christine Rogers as M’Lynn
Nicola Lefler as Ouiser

Production Crew

Mia Peters, Director
Taylor Nichols, Stage Manager
Gayle Jordan, Costume Designer
Erin Irvin, Set Designer
Valentina Moya, Lighting Designer
Karen Herman, Sound Designer
Jennifer Trepper Long, Props Manager
Terri Dettinger, Production Assistant

This project was supported by Manbites Dog Theater Fund.

David Leone, Photographer