By Barbara Robinson

December 11-13, 2015

It’s time for the annual church Christmas pageant, but this year the couple in charge must cast the horrible Herdman kids, some of the most awful children in town. The results provide plenty of pepto-bismol moments—and fun—when the Herdman herd brings new meaning to the Christmas spirit. This family comedy is based on the only story to ever run twice in McCall’s Magazine.

Directed by Heather Snow Daurity


Father  – Daniel Brown
Mother – Shana Fisher
Beth– Hannah Elder
Charlie – Claire Olinger

Ralph – Cooper Robbins
Imogen – Eliana Busch-Hebert
Leroy – Natalie Olinger
Claude – Abby Rhoades
Ollie – Gemma Quilici
Gladys – Alina Galecki

Alice – Harper Hunt
Maxine – Sophia Fisher
Elmer Hopkins – Mia Gibboney
Hobie – Chiara Gibboney
David – Evie Huntley
Beverly – Isabella Quilici
Shirley – Macon Poundstone
Juanita – Elizabeth Brown
Doris – Lucas Olinger

Mrs. Armstrong – Melissa Damann
Mrs. Slocum – Jennifer Olinger
Mrs. Clausing/ Church Kid – Aliyah Neptune
Mrs. Clark/ Fireman/ Church Kid – Kasey Clift
Mrs. McCarthy/ Fireman/ Church Kid – Brianna Grady
Rev. Hopkins – Jim Ellis


Heather Snow Daurity, Director
Mary Galecki, Stage Manager
Kristen Roeke, Assistant Stage Manager
Melissa Damann, Props Manager
Dave Petrone, Lighting Designer
Bob Baird, Technical Director/Producer
David Leone, Photographer